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Thursday, November 5

Ex come to an end

It had been good for the past 2 weeks plus in this major Ex in Australia. Been an NSman myself, I felt like an NSF back then. We work hard and fast with the rest of the NSman as well.

Coming from different batches as a group to do the things together is no stranger to anyone of us. Reason is simple, we do these every time during active days. Of course, rusty in mind is sure to have.

Current soldiers belong to 3G and they are more of a little 'slack and slow' Unlike the past been in 2G, most of us are 'hokkien peng' aka Hokkien Soldiers. We listen to command and execute the task immediately. End of day, what we want is a good rest.

Time changes as well as the Army. Safety is one of top priority nowsday when you go out for training.

We have our fun working along with the NSF, like sharing the stories and knowledge to them. Although some of them are going to ORD soon, but it is always good to share some information with them. As usual, everyone will always talk about the past is tough, it is not easy to go through because of this and that. Active guys are not bored with it at all because they love to listen how the company transform from oldern batch till now.

One day, they will be in our shoes talking to their active juniors in 2-3 years time.

What we love is to 'snook' them big time. 'Snook' is the meaning of making them confuse and stunned with the answer but end up it is not the real one at all. After all, we love to tease them a lot.

It is great to have the NSman coming together and know each other more. Among all, I only know 4 guys which are my juniors and 1 of them been my class mate. There are a total of 9 NSman inclusive of 1 officer coming to this Ex. I am the 2nd oldest batch among all.

I would like to thank the NSman:
LCP Larry, the funny botak guy,
CPL Wen Chong, the 8 hrs man in his funny wet dream,
LCP Kok Peng, my class mate
LCP Victor, 1 batch junior than me
LCP Sam, 2 batches junior than me
LCP Melvin Lim, 2 batches junior than me
LCP Jack, one of the juniors who I never seen before

and lastly the officer,
LTA Lim, NS PC - took over my ex-PC

External Unit
2nd WO Eric

Staff Hoon
Staff Yip

Internal Active
OC - CPT Luo
S3 -
CSM - 2nd WO Lim
RQ - 1st WO Alice
PS - MSG Shankar
PC - LTA Lawrence (Outgoing) 2nd Lt Dominick (Incoming)
Sect Com - 1st Sgt Tian Cai
Sect Com - Aruna

And this also goes to all the NSF.

All I can remember are:
Godfrey, Goodwin, Weijie, Meng Hui, Rec Tham, Kian Peng, Cheng, Hulk, Marcus, Cheng CM, Gary, etc...

We have the fun and will be seeing some of them next year May for my 6th ICT. Cool, that means 4 more years to go! Hurray!

We are now packing up and going to have a good relaxation moment real soon. R & R are coming to our way but heard that it is going to be damn bloody boring tho.

Anyway, a good trip and relax Ex for us. In few days time, all of us will be facing the most sickening challenge in Singapore! Work and work!

Oh yeah, a good thing that I brought my laptop here. I can do the photo editing and blogging to kill times. At least not boredom at all. LOL

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