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Wednesday, November 11

Back and resting

Ex Wallaby Frame 1 ended and now, there's continuous training for frame 2 and 3 over there. When we board the SQ Boeing 747, quite a number of soldiers were queuing up to past the custom. They also have to wait for the coaches to send them to Camp Growl in SWBTA.

As we board the flight that they just landed, it delay the take off time for an hour 30min or so due to refueling. Everyone concussed while waiting. Estimated arrival time will be 4.40am instead of 3.30am in Singapore. But we end up landed in Singapore at 5am.

My family are unable to fetch me because dad need to work at 5am. So, Kok Peng, Jack and I shared cab home.

It is good to be home tho. But immediately I feel the pressure over here than OZ. Everything is slow, listen to command, relaxing, but we have to handle lots of stuff here, which make me feel giddy over it. But life goes on, strive hard.

NS man feel demoralise because we are back to working life. While some NSF are happy because of ORD. Congrats to the ORD personnels.

I have uploaded lots of photos and if you are interested, just click on the link and view.
There are too many to link to this blog so I decided not to link over here. I shall upload more tonight.

Too many things to do at one go and today is already Wednesday. Time flies fast here.

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