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Saturday, October 3


Busy.. busy.... and still busy....

Right now I am busy packing my stuff for my Australia trip and inspection is next Wed. I just went to e-mart at Chevron today to purchase more vest, singlet and shorts (I just realised I have 5 shorts that is still in plastic sheet)! Ok, I gotten myself a new Gortex boot! Nice and damn comfy of course!

As I do not have the duffel bag now, I simply cannot proceed to pack everything in it. I have to make sure my buddy, Mr Dick Son, about these. He tend to forget this and that! I am somehow his nai ma!

Q is extremely long at e-mart today as there are a lot of new young NS guy buying their stuff too! Damn... why is it call air con when it ain't cold at all. Oh ya.. 'AIR' con... just AIR, not COOLing air con. LOL

Anyway, I am 'quite' looking forward for ICT next week...

I dreamt something really funny last few day. It was about my CO, back then is my OC, asking for staying in hostel rather in army camp! Haa.. I wish that it happen....

Tomorrow, I'll be dropping by e-mart again to buy my green sock as I realise that I do not have any of 'em! Ha! What a joke!

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