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Thursday, October 15

So my service pay is to the company as well

Apart from Make Up Pay, company are liable to receive the Service Pay as well.

The CSO called me about this situation and clarify that if I am away during office hour, company can claim everything from MINDEF.  Whereas going to RT and IPPT, I liable to get paid as it fall outside the working hour.

So as to say, Service Pay is part of Make Up Pay due to income loss. I tallied the amount of money of what I saw on the NS Payment and my manager e-mail earlier on.

Damn! I thought that I gotten extra money from MINDEF but to my disappointment.

In fact, I can ask for that $455 credit to my bank from company because of my overseas training. Anyway, I do not want to see any drop in salary on my pay day which is on 28th, so I never ask further on.

Sadness to the max. Why NSman do not have allowance at all. Maybe the place where we stay, I reckon.

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