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Tuesday, October 6

Rant rant rant

Word for today.

Be Nice while others will do the same back to you.

I am going to change my entire blog template again. This time I will remove some unnecessary items on my blog because some of my friend having problem loading the page.

Anyone have simple and nice blogskin to share? I also want to change my Family Blog skin too! I decided to link my flickr photo big because it is easier to view, but there's some sort of restriction tho.

Tomorrow I am going to be green pixelated!
Meeting good O' pal, Sam at STAR canteen for breakfast before entering the camp. Yes, we are going to draw our pixelate uniform tomorrow, so I do not think that I want to bring my duffel bag there since we have to pack it in! Damn it, I want to wash that first!'

The new duffel bag is extremely small as compared to the old 'Ali Baba' one. I have to bring along another bag to contain all my belonging tho.

Damn it that I am seriously putting a lot of weight! I cannot belt up my old army belt which I did for myself last time! That goes for some XL clothing!

I mentioned before about running. But I am so lazy to jog! Time is never enough when you have a kid. 100% attention on her non stop. I was on leave yesterday and gave up going to buffet with wifey and her coll because of my tiredness. She went without Cait so that she can enjoy more.

But I am happy that I can watch The Godfather Part I!

2 more parts to go!

I also have my fan belt fixed at Autosaver because it is too loose. Eee. sound was heard each time I turn on my engine. After which, my wifey and I had bad encounter while taking the lift! Click to read on.

Done my appraisal and everything is smooth. Nothing much but look at the bright side is all I can say.

What a week to go through! Seriously dead beat! I cannot imagine the days in Australia! It have been a long time since I work so 'hard' during my active days! Haaa HO SEH!

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