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Sunday, October 18

Preparing for the last bit

I will be flying off tomorrow noon and I am feeling happy and sad.

Sad because I am leaving my family for a month. While the happy is to relax even when the training can be quite 'siong'.

I had not been training up lately, so this will be a good form of shaping myself up! I am so certain that I will suffer from aching for the first few days. My dear friend called me up and ask for photos but I am unable to give due to software issue.

Lately, I had purchased Adobe Web Premium original. I am facing licensing issue because it kept prompting me that license had expired.

Fret not. Just turn back your computer year to 2007 and restart your application. Now, your Adobe application will start, e.g. Photoshop.

Go to Help -> Deactivate.

Tick erase serial number on this PC and click deactivate. That's all you need to do.

The reason why this appear is due to either Beta or piracy copies which have the serial installed previously. When you click on Deactivate, you will see the background logo stated which version you are using.

After doing that, your application will shutdown. Then, you change the year back to 2009 from 2007. Launch the Adobe application and there you go!

To double check, I went to Help -> Deactivate to view if the logo is Adobe Web Premium. Yes, everything is intact and I am one happy customer now!

Thanks to this forum topic!

It was a fruitful day to be since Friday till Saturday before leaving Singapore. Read everything on my Family Blog, thanks.

Remember I mentioned about Panasonic LX3 having the new Scene mode of DR (Dynamic Range). I used that for trial and later on pass it to my wife to take a shot of me and my girl.


You clearly see the foreground and background are properly expose but it appear that the foreground seem to look a bit weird. I do not know how to put it in, but it look almost like my Nokia5800 handphone camera output on the quality.

Nevertheless, it is a good SCN mode to use but best to avoid if possible. It can never match up with Fuji S3Pro. Ok, I am now comparing about dSLR and a compact. But of course, this guide you that you can use this SCN if you wan both FG and BG proper light up. Kindly do not forget about Lightroom (Fill Light).

I am hereby rushing to blog as much as possible before evening come because I am hoping to finish up ASAP. Time cannot be wasted like that.

I might be bringing my lappy there to do my stuff when we are having crew rest. At least I can turn on my favourite internet radio station throughout the night.

Of course, last not least.

A good day to end is a good and pretty photo.

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