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Friday, October 2

My SAF letter

I received this letter about 1month ago.

It read as:

Dear LCP (NS) Ong - -

Instructions For 3-Day Refresher Training from 07 to 09 Oct 2009

We are pleased that you will be participating in EX Wallaby 09 from 19 Oct to 09 Nov 09. As part of the preparation for the Ex, there will be a 3-day refresher training from 7th Oct to 9th Oct. The training will consist of <classified>,<classified>, kit bag submission and inspection, and safety briefing.


Damn it... I forgotten that I have to send in my Kit bag by 7th Oct for inspection! I have not even pack the stuff!

I also want to know if I am back on 9th of 13th Nov, maybe I should ask lots of question on the first day of ICT to the OC.

Beside, I need to get a pair of new Gortex boot. How funny that I read the packing list on number 7.

It mention Combat Boot **

Under **, this is what I saw
** Boots must be kiwi-ed black and bootlaces removed

Funny... so... how? Bootlaces removed.. but how to wear? LOL

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