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Saturday, October 10

Just some updates....

All is good and we are looking forward to the trip on 19th Oct.

I will be back on 9th Nov, touching down about 0345. Both inbound and outbound are by SQ, so I'll be listening to my coll program! Ha!

I remember asking myself 10 years ago when I took the flight to Australia for the same reason, where is the DJ? The rock city really rock me hard! Is the DJ hiding somewhere in the flight?

Hell no, all these had been pre recorded on land before loading to the system onboard of the plane. Back then, it was call DAT and not like today, DVD to store the music.

I shan't touch on sensitive topic because it is rather classified IMHO.

My dear friend, also my camp mate, went to defer this oversea trip due to his new work commitment. For those who have no idea, this is something you should know. My CO approved my camp mate deferment is due to his CPF. (I didn't really catch the whole meaning). He just joined the company 2 months ago, and as his CPF have not reach to 4th month, he is enttited to have it approved.

Considered himself lucky? Nah. If he got it next year, good luck to him. This is almost like a holiday to most as told by the commanders.

I'll be leaving my family for 3 weeks and of course, I miss everyone!

At the same time, bonding with the rest of the NSmen. In total, there are only 9 of us heading to this coming EX along with X numbers of active. Luckily I knew 7 out of 9 NSmen, which are my junior back then. Only 1 of the guy is my most senior whom I met him for previous ICT. We are all fun and joking type. Great!

Our kit bag had been inspected by AQIS locally in one of the camp. This is to prevent long checking queue over at Australia where they will be receiving hundreds of men heading for Shoalwater Bay.

I have no time to amend my blog, but will do it tomorrow with another look, I guess.

I also gotten myself a new keyboard + mice combo today because my Logitech MX3200 keyboard and mouse is having issue. Surprisingly, after buying it today, I found my old keyboard is worrking fiine again! Damn it! Anyway, mouse is having issue. I love the Wave Pro from Logictech. I shall post the photo tomorrow after doing Sean photo. I am behind schedule already!

I have to make sure everything is settle before Friday. Busy week for me to handle.

If there's no problem, I shall do some blogging over at Australia if I can tag on the wi-fi.

Oh yeah, I had this Deja-Vue when I saw the big lorry with crane ferrying our kit bag to the camp for inspection! How funny huh!

The most tiring for these 3 days refresher course will be yesterday! Ha! Wondering why? Because we have to carry our own kit bag to a storeroom at one of the blk which is about 100m away.

The rest of the training are just .. hm.. I shall say "Eye Power" by Cyclop in X-Men. LOL.

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