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Saturday, October 24

It is damn tiring

It's been a hard day work for today because we put in 100 and 1% effort to finish our tasking. If we were to compare to the current active guys, there's nothing much to compare at all.

These are what I wanted to say yesterday.

As for today, I only slept 3 hrs but end up waking up late by an hr. Luckily the task had been canceled due to some changes, thus we can report by 40min later.

Everything seem different from last time when I step in Shoalwater Bay Training Area. The used to have green grass are no longer seen for 3 years. The beautiful gigantic signboard mentioning of SWBTA had long been removed.

Now, sunburn and having aching all over due to the training and mission. No doubt it is so exhausted and not as fit like last time, I do feel great by the overall exercise. It is something that I wanted to do months ago, and now it had been answered.

Bet that my wife will see a 'new' me, being tanned and much fitter than before! Ha!

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