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Tuesday, October 27

A good day ahead!

Much as I want to show more photos and videos, but there are too much of sensitive issue in it. All of us can only enjoy watching it in their own laptop be it here or back in Singapore.

We have drinking session almost every night, but that does not means we are lazing around. As I mentioned before it is way too sensitive and classified to be reveal.

Apart from these, we have almost every 2-3 days once beach volley ball. All of us except active OC never played beach volley ball at all, but we did have lots of fun!

In my team, consists of 1 active guy, Victor and OC, kept losing for 2 consecutive rounds until the 3rd one! We played hard to get 15-10! It is tough, fun and so satisfied! I am so addict to it now. That goes to the rest of the guys too. I forced myself to play non-stop as to lose more weights keep myself healthier. With cloud blocking the sun light while the breeze pass us, it is so wonderful and that feeling is hard to explain why. It is a bless that all of us did not get 2nd sun burn. Haa...

Wifey is flying to Sabah and guess that she will be reaching real soon. Hope she will enjoy herself a lot! Taking a break is good too.

Thanks to technology, Skype is the best tool to use when you can talk to people online in different country with video cam. That save us a lot on roaming.

I tried not to think so much about home because I will miss them a lot, and over here, there are a lot of things to do. Rockhampton is 2 hrs ahead from SIN, so I reckon that I will wake up at 4.30am when I'm back! Ha!

Ok, here's some photos that I just took today.

Flies in OZ is big and irritating. In order not to let them disturb me, this is the best way to do so. LOL

We thought there's thunder storm but end up it is clear sky after an hour!

Sam put the cup on the speaker which is attached to the bag, while I cut to make it like flower so that the sound can travel not just ahead.

And finally a weekday rest!

We finally go out for shopping but most of us prefer to go out of Big W area. So we decided to head up to anywhere to see if there's any nice fast good restaurant.

Along the bridge

That's Big W building

Opposite of the not-so-busy road.

Stockland signboard

Walking along K mart carpark which is on our right hand side.


Heading toward for snack bar, unfortunately, it is close.

Snack Bar... thought we gonna have food session there.

K Mart, which is the new extension of Big W

Cooling weather

Sunny but on the other end, it is covered with dark cloud.

Wondering if we should cross the road. Food is what everyone is looking forward for.

Lovely sky

The gang of NSmen. Sorry, the one of the right is NSF.

We finally stop by Nando shop and have our fill instead.

Jack looking around everywhere.

Tomato sauce, medium, hot and extra hot sauce for you to choose from.

Kok Peng, me, Sam and Victor

Larry, Jack, Wen Chong


The medium and hot chicken we ordered. We should try for extra hot next time! Damn good yummy lunch we had ever!

On top, it is 1 seriously large fries, as stated on the menu.

Jack and the rest enjoying the food. It is damn nice, spicy and hot!

While going back to bunk, we saw 2 x rainbow!

See, everyone taking a shot of the rainbow(s)


Beautiful rainbow with the dark cloud coming in our way. It rained but for a short while tho.

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