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Tuesday, October 13

Facing Photoshop CS4 problem

Finally I have the time to load some brushes for Photoshop into my CS4 which I gotten from other site. Anyway, all of them are free tho. Good quality too!

But I am facing some issue on my brushes. When it reach to certain size of the brush diameter, I can only see part of the brush only. According to my friend, it is just a bug and restarting the application will help. I remember doing that before, but no use. It still occur!

Seriously I have no idea why is it like this. I am thinking of getting the education package which cost $99 only. But of course, education package have its own limitation. There will not be any updates at all, if there's CS5 coming up, I have to purchase again.

Even if you have the 'ahem' version, there's no way you can download the patch anyway.

But well.... no complains now except the brush size. I am facing some issue on that and hope I can rectify it ASAP!

Need to bring my HDD home real soon as I need it to do for Sean wedding photos. I have to bring to office due to certain reasons and hoping that I can bring it home later. Ha!

Busy is the word!

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