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Monday, October 12

Damn... my server is down

If you are wondering why cannot be load, this is reply I gotten from them.

"Due to an issue with our apache burst, We have had numerous outages today 0:00 - 19:00 , We are currently backing up the data and re-installing the OS system.

We hope to rectify the issue by midnight tonight. I apologize for any inconvience caused.

Our technical team will send a notification once the issue has been rectified."

After hearing from William, I will be migrating the server to another company next year when the time is up. I shall see how it goes before making decision.

I feel weird in civilian life this week because I am still having the mood of "been in the army".

Next week noon, I will be joining the rest of the NSman and NSF to Australia for EX Wallaby. I'll be touching down on 9th Nov midnight and heard that there might be X'mas party that night!

As I am typing this, I just realised something. Where the hell do I have the time to prepare for the present and who will be my secret santa? I have no clue... etc etc etc! HO HO HO!

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