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Wednesday, October 14

Damn it, my server is still down

All thanks to server down....

Good Morning,

Firstly I would like to apologize for the httpd downtime over the past few day's. The issue was caused by numerous problems.

1. MySql Corruption on some DB's which were working SQL at over 100% of CPU Value

2. Apache mod_limit not working correctly affecting port availability.

We have had constantly 2 guys working on the server for the past 3 day's to repair the issues, the below actions were done :

1. Repair MySQL db's with corrupted SQL.
2. Modify apache to limit connections whilst fixing.
3. Re-install Apache and configure
4. Reinstall SQL
5. Remove some of the more CPU intensive sites and relocate to another server
6. Balance load port 80
7. Install SU on the server

I apologize for the down-time this has caused to your business and we will put in steps for future to stop this large outage from occuring.

Please notify our technicians today via a support ticket if you are still having problems.

Thankyou for your understanding

Sorry, I am still facing server down now. What can it be done? I had issued another ticket to the company and wondering what can they offer due to this serious situation. Now, I cannot access my e-mail and blog at all.

For sure, I will be migrating my site to another server.

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