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Sunday, October 25

Crew rest on Sunday

Working hard for a week and finally everyone deserve their crew rest for today.

Let's jump back to the day before yesterday during our drinking session. I am not a drinker at all, but since fellow mates offer, it is better to accept. Anyway, it is a good drink since we really need to relax after a hard day work.

VB time in the night

Every night without fail, we will gather here and have a good laugh with the beer session.

Lots of people know what I am doing during my NS days, and most of the time, we are using hand to work non stop. As a result, everyone palm were freaking sore and gone red in color.

Working hard. My palm is already in red!

I entered Shoalwater Bay Training Area yesterday and it is horrifying! Trees and grass are withered due to dry weather. There's hardly any rain at all. According to the senior commander, the last time it rain was during Jan this year. I cannot imagine that it had been 9 months since it rained!

9 years ago, everywhere was very beautiful as they were filled with green grass. Walking on the DZ (DropZone) was much easily than now. Withered grass made the road even harder to walk in. Because of the dry weather, the ground that I saw everywhere are cracked.

The nice place for DZ

And for today...

We had OTOT breakfast timing (finally)

After the breakfast and resting, we went for beach volley ball. We had our game last 2 nights ago so it is not that difficult for us to start. Sun is damn hot when we started playing today. Preparing yourself a bottle of water is a must.

After playing to each other for a while, some NS active personnel decided to join us. This time, it is NSman vs Active personnel. Yeah, Bonding time with lots of energy lost.

NSman are old already, and I exhuasted damn quickly but at least it is some kinda fitness!

The game is awesome and playing with the young is damn strenous!

Earlier today, we have fin with beach volley ball!

It is damn fun having 5 versus 5!

The NSman vs the actives

Beach volley ball court is right outside the hostel only!

Volley ball court and I

Beach Volley ball session. The amount of seat determine how much effort I put in!

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