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Thursday, October 15

Confusion on my service pay...

I really need to scratch my head as my friend and I gotten different amount for the service pay, which is he is $20 more. We are both Lance Corporal and same vocation, yet I do not know why there's difference in pay. It's really a huh!

Furthermore, my buddies had already gotten their SMS from Mindef that they be receiving their money at 12mn on 15th (which is today). This morning, I checked on my iBanking but to my surprise, there's no pay from MINDEF at all.

I called up to ask what happen and the girl told me that usually NSman will get paid after their ICT approximately within 10 days. But when I told the CSO I am flying off for overseas training, and told me I will get the money before flying off.

Now I have to wait for the pay department to contact me ASAP. I am flying off on Monday and I need to go and exchange to OZ currency tomorrow as I had taken leave.

Approach my manager about the SAF make up pay and she told me that company had received the money yesterday. That's really a real HUH.

Now is... wait for them to call me up soon!

Further to add on... I learn something special.

The Art of Rejection. Less hurting and be nice with valid reason. Offending without knowing is purely hurting. That is Not to Interrupt during a conversation. Believe that I read this on persuasive book.

Talking about that, I had not finish that book. Maybe I should read it during my flight to OZ. Need more books. I gonna make sure my iPod load with all my fav dance music. I'm a weirdo because I do not enjoy movie on flight, music is better for me.

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