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Thursday, October 1

Clinic Medical Checkup

I should have called up to clinic and make an appointment before heading down this morning. Luckily I am Q number 5 tho. 3 patients before me are all kids and yes, they take quite a long time in the room.

It is not that 'I cannot understand'' but more of 'this is damn irritating' when someone is talking extremely loud! For Dua Pek Gong's sake, if that uncle cannot use his ear to listen, why not go somewhere quiet outside the clinic? The whole clinic contain your voice! Furthermore, you are using loudspeaker to talk. That is so duhz!

While he is talking loudly in front of me, another lady on my far left is also talking on handphone! Yah, she follow suit by talking slighly louder due to the uncle loud voice. Just behind my back, is the reception area, and there are patients making inquiry.

So, is this a clinic or market?

The patients felt so irritated by those noise as they are sick, so will the other patients be nice enough to use handphone outside? Counted myself lucky as I go there for checkup and not as patient.

I will drowned by those voices.

Check Up

Talking about the checkup, the doctor was trying to withdraw blood from me and right after he poke the needle in, there's no blood! He poke in deeper, pull out, move, poke in deeper, pull out and move then finally blood appear!

Damn it.. I am still feeling aching on the injected area!

Shall go back to clinic on Tuesday to view my report! Yah right, Wednesday is back to Green Day!
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