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Sunday, October 18

Before I go sleep

It is not about the whatever or not but the courtesy. I do not pin point anyone but stating as general.

MSN'ed 2 days ago but there's no reply, it's ok because I have to go offline to do something else.

Today, since morning until night, I MSN'ed again but no reply. If one is watching the favourite show on net, shouldn't the one seen the msg when stopping the video and turning to sleep?

Or the msg sent out had been blocked? I was waiting and waiting for a day to see the reply but in vain. Oh well. Speechless is what I can say.

Another thing I want to point out.

When one say others, the one did the same thing. Isn't that the kettle calling the pot black? Apparently, the ultimate noise pollution had been going on for 4hrs plus and it is horrifying audible from my room. It just went on and on. I do hope that one can understand the meaning of cosideration.

A good day ahead and I'll be MIA-ing for 1 month if there's no internet access at the place I'm staying in.

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