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Tuesday, September 8

Yea.. I went jogging!

I shall show you why I must go jog. I do not care even if you laugh or what-so-ever. woot!

duhz.. it must go away!

My mom say I look so auntie...

Though I finally started jogging, I did a slow short distance jog for about 500m. The rest of the 2.4km is by walking. As my fitness is pretty bad, I got to take some times to get use to it. Hoping I can lose lots of water retention first.

I have not plan on my jogging schedule. But for those days that I am not jogging, I am going to push a little bit on push up, sit up, pull up and dumb bell. I hope this mentality will go on non-stop.

BTW, can someone tell me if the photo color look weird? Maybe I should calibrate my monitor in office tho. It seem a little saturated in color.

Korean Dinner

Thanks Sis and bro in law for the great authentic Korean dinner treat at Ju Shin Jung .This got to be the first time everyone had the real Korean food ever! Let's not talk about Korean food at foodcourt and the instant noodle.

It is no wonder why Korean people are not so fat because of the vegetable they take! The kimchii is nice too, but not every Kimchii are suitable to my taste. I prefer not-so-sour type! kaka.. Having the meat wrapped with the vegetable and kimchii taste marvellous!

Pity that dad had indigestion the day later and vomitted several times during noon time. So I quickly took dad to see doctor after he got home. Yes, he is recovering but having the temperature at 38degree! He cannot find other people to replace his duty as bus driver, so there's no use for MC. He still have to work no matter what.

Cait looking so comfy in her stroller...

That blue utensil is meant for Cait.. but she is too young for anything

Dad and mum preparing to start the meal

Wow... so many small dishes of authentic Korean food. Lots of Kimchii too

Mom and dad first time in Korean Rest


She is looking at everyone... where's hers

There... my mom attempt to eat that green chilli... she find it so spicy

Trying to struggle with it


Disturbing me


Dad eating Kimchii.. he is afraid of that... koz he gotten indigestion after the meal. The rest are fine. =)
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