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Thursday, September 17

Will Singapore have HD Radio?

Singapore is known to be .... slow in technology?

Ok.. we shall wait... for HD radio and some HD channels from cable... So.. when will it come? People already starting..... yet our's....???? Do not even want to mention about our internet connection, the answer will be next May'10. Just stay tune for the Optic Fiber Cable internet speed!

Quote from Engadget.

Looks like the Zune HD commercials are now hitting the scene, and unless multicolored flashing lights aren't your thing, this isn't likely to cause uneasiness or provoke blatant fanboyism. Instead, we've got a neon spectacle highlighting four of its big selling points: HD radio, video playback, wireless, and yes, games are there, too. See it for yourself after the break.

[Via Dark Zune]

via Engadget

Interesting huh?

Oh yea... how about USB Digital TV tuner on your PC? I'm sure a lot of people know about it already but have you seen such a small one before?

[Via Richard Lai] via Engadget

Sorry... only Europe.

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