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Monday, September 28


After the photoshoot with Cait, she left behind a wonderful liquid for me... which is on my background paper!

My darling baby pee on my background paper!

See it on the bottom? LOL.. The whole paper have to be cut off tho.

I am having some situation on my camera yesterday while shooting. In short to say, my CCD might be the issue because all images appear to have black gradient on the bottom of the photo. While on portrait, it will on the right side. I tried on C1Pro and preview images on camera, changed lense.. it still appear to give me this issue.

I shot without lense and everything is white, but once I attach the lense in and did swop it, I'm still facing the same problem. Weird, right? After I turn off and on for the third time, it appear to be ok once again! Luckily issue did not appear when I am doing the wedding ROM shoot last weekend!

I finally have time to do touch up on RAW photos. I am hoping to give the photos by 19th Oct!

Agar Agar mooncake!

This is done by wifey's coll's mom in Malaysia. Yummy and nice!

4 different agar agar moon cake

Brown - Chocolate
Pink - Red Bean
Purple - Yam
Yellow - Durian

Nice looking agargar mooncake





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