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Friday, September 4

Twist and crack!

Woot! Marvelous... I twist my neck and the bone sound was damn loud till Keith also agreed! Hell yea... As I mentioned yesterday regarding to the sitting position, now I had placed my CRT (damn.. when can I see LCD huh?) on top of my Dat player now. This force me to sit up straight!

Felt that there's less strain on my back but I have to get used to this height. I had my back bend down too much.

And now my monitor is pretty obvious to all

who cares anyway...

I cannot let my backache come again tho, so right now, I shall monitor if my backache will reduce. My monitor is now straight to my eye level (looking at the middle of the screen which is suppose to be correct)

Anyway... after the twist and crack, I felt my whole back is on the zombie feel... so sore and relax... something I do not know how to explain.

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