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Thursday, September 17

So many failing?!

BlueTooth set is failing....

Keyboard and mouse failing...

Car either spark plug, car battery or iginition coil failing

What's next?

Totally... speechless...

Ok... to save cost, I better use my Nokia headset; use my backup Microsoft stupid mouse... now.. for car... damn it... no way. Better send in to for check up.


Just another ranting moment.

Who say working gharment = good?
Been citizen here, what they give means they take back twice.

For a mistake that been done last Oct, now they demand the money back? Isn't that a bit too late to ask for it? Wow... instalment plan also. So, how? Everyone must be blaming on the system or person who did the major mistake tho.

I wondered when they realised the mistake they made which it took almost a year to realise?

Ok, new teachers... next time you see an increase on your pay suddenly, better start questioning before you get yourself into the "pay back to gharment" situation (again).

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