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Monday, September 7

The serious fats.... hohoho

Could it be the fats that made me so aching recently whenever I wake up every morning? hmmm...Ok.. here's what I should really do. Perhaps.. must do!

Project: Diet | Fitness

Reduce lots of intake on rice and noodle. (everyone know I love rice.. but I must have perseverance!)
Do 20 push up and sit-up for the start.
Slow jog for short distance.

As of 06 09 2009 (Sunday), I weighted myself at night and... (shocked!)
I reached the 3 digit on weighting scale. Damn.. I am getting more and more unfit, so I must do more workout! That will be good for me during the training in Australia next month.

Guessing my weight? Nah... do not worry, I shall reveal now.



Hohoho! Incredible weight huh! What's my idea weight? Ok... in the past I hope to obtain 75kg, but now... better to reduce 15kg first! It will be marvellous if I can reduce 1kg per week.

I planned to wake up at 6am to jog, but I end up fallen back to sleep! I must overcome this! Darn!
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