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Monday, September 7

Seem cool with the cushionspeaker laptop stand

Wise to use at home when you sitting at a corner nearby the window while enjoying your favourite internet radio station either blogging, e-mailing, reading something or even chatting. Most importantly, it does not really 'burn' your leg because of the heat from the laptop.

via engadget (Philips CushionSpeaker)

And one more to share.

Samsung's LED TV Couple packs a 7" tablet remote for streaming.

You heard about my posting regarding about network media tank and so forth, this will be another great stuff to do streaming!

Ok, I personally think that it does not have any DTS involve too. So when you go by streaming, nothing can be encode/decode the audio for you unless the source is plugged to your amp. (I reckon)

But then again, this is another cool and powerful thing from Samsung. They never fail to produce interesting technology.

Something I do not like personally will be their ST550. Having both back and front playback image? That's weird! But innovative huh!

via dpreview

Somehow, what you love most will always be: HD video recording.

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