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Monday, September 14

My series of updating...

To anyone reading my blog, I have decided to go into property for many reason. Most important, being a father now, I cannot slack so it is better to work even harder for my kid(s) future.

Anything regarding re-finance, renting, buying and selling of HDB, private and commercial, do e-mail at I guarantee you been a happy customer at the end of the day. Thanks.

Apart from my personal updates, let's dive into my own thoughts...

Realising my blog is changing it's direction? I will share the some nice information to everyone and giving my own opinion. You can disagree with me... nothing wrong at all =)

For a start... yea, my car key is giving me some issue! My door cannot be lock as series of beeping was heard when I pressed on my car door button. Took out my remote and realised it went flat!

If you are Latio owner, I reckon keyless Nissan user, you may want to look at this!

All thanks to Latio Club Forum (Singapore), NSman providing the information.

Photos been uploaded to my flickr account because I cannot seem to link it here.

Here's the extract informaton:

Ok, Now everything is getting so expensive, here to share some knowledge to help members to save some $$, No point going to get 3rd party to do a simply DIY job like this.

Hope this is useful and i believe you will need this is time to come.

Change your Ikey Battery yourself, buy the CR2025 at any $2 shops cheap cheap. Don't goto those camera shop or duplicate key shop.

1 - you need a test pen to ply open the Ikey cover
2 - slowly place the tip of the testpen into the slot & twist open abit
3 - slowly pull open using your fingers, pull open from the side till it fully open
4 - Tata, thats easy.

Happy saving

Take out your key by pushing the button and pull out internal key.

Use ur test pen and open the case where the arrow shown. There's a hole to ply open

That's the area for closer look

Do not rush when opening. Slow and sturdy

There you go, the battery in there!

CR2025 button battery. That's how you change it.

Good luck!

How to back up things for FREE?

read the whole issue here

I do not wish to copy everything here.

But of course, I still believe in HDD. Unless your 'friend' is kind enough to share with you on the same network. But then again, it is better to have another computer for backup! Why ask your friend for help and you doing vice versa? LOL

Anyway, as I mentioned before, flickr, facebook etc.... WHAT IF one day, they close down? Or hacked and everything been erased? I mean, there are a lot of WHAT IF in this world. I can tell you that, having the photos uploaded to site = sharing but not backup. You do not share your personal photos, don't you? Even if you can set to private viewing, what happen if someone know your password? Ha!

Anyway.. it is good to have 'em uploaded and backup to another HDD. It depends on individual. Use at least 2 HDD to back up your most important data! You will never like going to ADRC for retrieving for you. It's a love-hate relationship place for you.

Once you reached there, you hate 'em because your HDD crashed, dropped, formatted etc... but love when the data retrieved. Hate again, because you have to RE arrange them. I better back up everything tonight. Ha! No fun for sure!
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