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Wednesday, September 30

Just some camera and photoshop talks

Attention to LX 3 user out there.

Panasonic had suspended the link for upgrading of firmware to v2.0. Beats me what is going on. I suspect that there might be v2.01 coming out due to 'bugs' found on v2.0?

Let's just hang on and see what they have to offer. I hope they can resolve any issue before I left for Australia.

It is getting really close to my Low Key In-Camp Training which is just next week. I have prepared most of the items in a plastic bag. I got to make sure I get the new pair of boots during my ICT next week.

You know, I do really hope to have this:

Lovely, isn't it?

I am wondering if anyone dare to use Medium Format and TOSS! Do not say I am crazy about using camera to toss in the air. Apparently there are people did that! How fun it can be huh? But it might do harm to your camera having improper catching of it, mainly the lense.

Here, this is the flickr group. All about the tossing you can find there. I do not think I have the guts to toss my LX3 and 5D. Maybe my old P5100 Coolpix can do the job. The fear of it dropping on floor sucks!

And this is what I found on youtube if you want to learn more about photoshop. I am having fun by learning some tips and trick from the video.

Here's the preview for you

I hope to finish Sean and Rebecca ROM photos ASAP. Lots of Photoshop to be done. I want my client to feel happy with the outcome.

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