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Tuesday, September 15

Indeed a week to start with

Initially I thought my remote is giving me problem because I cannot seem to lock the car in the morning when I reached the office yesterday. Weird right? Battery flat after I off the engine?

However, when I was about to go home with my coll, the car cannot start up at all! For Nissan car, they include a physical key in the remote, so I took that and try to start the car but it still do not work.

I told my coll to go home herself because there's no point for her to stay anyway. There, I went to Shop and Save to buy the remote CR2025 battery, hoping it works. Which is does not at all.. I do not know why I kept thinking that's the issue...

Damn it! They do not sell it at all....
So I went to Hougang Point (Festival Market) instead

The distance is pretty far from Shop n Save to Hougang Point. I managed to find the battery at the watch shop but the uncle is selling at $5 each! My mom bought it at $1 only! I quickly went back to my office building after fixing the battery in the shop, of course the uncle is kind enough to let me use the screwdriver.

I pressed unlock on the remote and saw the light (hazard light) blinked but it seem rather weak! Yeah, that determine that car battery is flat! I went around the building hoping to find people to help me jump start the car.

I do not have the cable!

Thanks wifey helping me to call the nearest motor shop to jump start the car. Luckily there's motorshop everywhere so it took the guy barely 5min to reach the office building.

That cost me $30

I called Scott for help but he is at Bugis area tho, but he told me to go back to Ah Huat shop to have the battery recheck. They will change it for me if there's any problem on the battert. By the time I leave BTH center, it is already 7pm. Before the motorshop cuy came, I saw my other coll parents came to fetch her... Should have asked her for help if her dad have the cable in car or not. LOL

Anyway, Ah Huat and his guy were still puzzled over why my battery will go flat after I stop my car. No light was on when I off the engine. Battery seem healthy on both with and without the engine running. The legend on the sticker indicate that green color in the battery is healthy and yah... I checked with my own eyes as well. It is healthy.

It is better for me to monitor for few more days.... What a week to start with... I am having serious headache after my dinner at home. Great that I did some exercise just by walking up and down the area! I cannot even look at the classified ads as that gave me even more headache....

My dad told me that I should have call my relative for help because they stay pretty nearby!
Ok.. I do not have their number at all

This morning, my wife went to purchase the jump start cable at Esso kiosk... better be safe than sorry. "...faint..."

Oh yes, one way to test whether your car battery is in healthy stage is by pressing the horn. If it is weak, the sound is terribly low.
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