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Friday, September 11

I'm sorry but....

William gave me this and that link via MSN when I am so busy earlier on doing other things. When I can sit down resting and clicked on both link that he gave, I had a real Kodak moment!

I'm sorry indeed, but she... a Miss Singapore? Let's not talk about the look alone, because to make a person look pretty, everything is all about either good make up or having photoshop. That's reality, face it. You cannot trust too much from a photo itself unless the model really look good with nice complexion. Harsh as I can say, but this is life.

As I was saying about her, do look at the video and listen to her talking and description. I never say I have strong command of English but... I'm sorry I do not know how to say it at all...

Please watch the video

Personally, the presenter is far better.

I hope Ris Low should improve if she want to be in this line.

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daph said...

she can't speak.. it's not just about the command of english. she pauses wayyy too much and drags out her lines wayyyy long to buy time, but it doesn't work if u do it in ur entire interview --"

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