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Monday, September 28

Help me find the blog link

I am looking for this blog that someone gave it to me last time. Apparently, I did not save it to my bookmark tho, so I am trying my best to look around.

I decided to blog it out, so that anyone passing by can help me with it.

Let me give some details about the blog I seen.

The blog I wanted to find is a group of friends always taking photo of themselves, the image is very nice and beautiful. It seem like they always go out far to take numerous of photos be it anything. Yes, it is a photo blog, and it is not just about them, but the output they gave.

IIRC, they are using dSLR instead of small cameras. Each and every photo consists of warmth, fun and interesting feeling.

I Google around the keywords I gave on here, but in vain.

If anyone happen to know of this photo blog, do drop me an email or post a comment here. I'm appreciated!

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karim said...

An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

Karim - Mind Power

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