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Thursday, September 17

Great thing to share!

I love what Fubiz always share on their site.

Here's something you ought to see.

If you ever love precision, manual fixing of things, maybe you can take a look at this great bicycle! Do not ask me to translate because I do not know anything they wrote. My purpose is to share!

Here's how it start to fold. Look at it if you like it.

via Fubiz


Here's more!

Manchester Musical Hall

If you ever lover Musical Hall, this is for you. Great Design!

via Fubiz

OMA Residential Complex - The Interlace

Yet another great architect here.. in Singapore!

via Fubiz

Look out for this spectacular condo when it is up. Currently, the land is still occupied. Once the old building been demolish, you will see a great view of this Condo along AYE in future. Welcome to the new Era of condo!

via OMA

Project by OMA

I simply love the design for this Condo. When will I ever have the money to buy.

Anyone who is interested in this Condo can contact me too.

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