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Thursday, September 17

COV at $100K

I was reading this report and find that there's really such irritating agent. Though I am an agent also, but I also do not want to see couple spending so much on COV because some seller are just been too greedy or been brain washed by few agent(s).

It is really very hard to cough out 100K for valuation only.

To buy or not, this is buyer decision, not the agent(s). Yes, agent(s) hope to close the deal asap so that the comm will come in, but I personally find that there's no point been so hard sell. If the buyer love the unit and able to afford it, let them be. End of story.

For instance, my wife and I stepped in the house that we feel so comfortable and we decided to purchase it. That is what the buyer should feel and not been forced to.

There are too many people speculating property in Singapore, but who are the genuine one? Until our gharment decided to change the law on speculating of Condo, you can see how many people are going to struggle with loans.

Who do not want to own property, right?

Wise man will buy the property if he can afford it.

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