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Monday, September 14

Comparison of Roaming Fee

Thanks William for providing the information as below.

Singtel Roaming fee is such a OMFG expensive! Information here
So, Mr William is kind enough to tell me about this "Ready-20-Go" Sim Card by Trusling.

via Trusling

For SGD20.90, I can get this travel kit pack instead of using my Singtel sim card. Approx 50min voice call usage which is about $0.38/min. It allow you to save up till 93% of your roaming bills and all you need to spend is SGD20.90 for the Sim Card, but the value is only AUD $5 which is about 13min outgoing call to SG. You have to login to Just Mobile and top up the credit f you intend to use more.

Do not worry, starter kit inclusive. Alternatively, go to FAQ and read through.

I am not ok to spend $1/min via voicecall and $22/MB using the internet on phone. Let's hope that there are a lot of internet kiosk over at Rockhampton, Australia!

How wonderful to have such Read-2-Go sim card in Singapore. Thanks!

Here's the retailers located in Singapore. There's promo of $2 off if you purchase as Buzz kiosk till end of Sept. Free delivery if you order online via Sing Post.

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