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Wednesday, September 16

BT set fail on me

My next purchase will be BT530. My current BT set is failing on me. My button seem to work properly for power on and off. It does not seem to work if I want to accept the call. At times, BT set will disconnect from my phone.

A lot of time I have to pick up the phone call without the BT set in car. I have not find out the cost for this BT set, if anyone of you know about it. Do let me know, I'm appreciated.

via Jabra

Reason why I am looking at this because of the noise reduction for the other party. They will be able to hear your talking clearly if you are at the noisy area. That's the reason why there's 2nd microphone on this BT set.

To explain clearly, the 2nd mic is not meant for you to talk on it but to measure how noisy it is around your surrounding. Then, it will reduce the noise and by letting your 1st mic to duck over it when you talk. Similiar to audio terms, it is something like ducking.

Click here and go to their virtual tour.

Great to see that there's ear hook as 2nd option to 'put' on your ear.

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