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Tuesday, September 1

Brace up, Melissa!


I picked up the newspaper on the dining table and found that this girl is quite familiar. I thought what happened till I saw the big headline about her boob enlargement.

Flipped inside and glance the story...


Well, I may not know her as friend but we did hang out during photo shoot back then when I am learning studio photography with the rest of the gang. I do not know her blog as well and had no idea what is going on with her. All I know that she is getting quite popular with her commercial ads.

Maybe locally cannot find any other news, so they dig out people's blog. There's always 2 answer when the media expose you. Even famous or been tarnish. How amazing media is, right?

That's her life, ok?

Anyway, brace up, Melissa! Do not bother the news. =)

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