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Thursday, September 17

Better to be late than never

It is better to be late than never. Of course, I never said it is really good to be late tho. Just that, you never know why the people is late or never turn up now... who knows... maybe forever?

I was traveling along KJE to BKE and met heavy traffic jam. Saw the road sign on top flashing that jam started from Mandai area. Luckily all vehicles are able to crawl. When I entered KJE, accident site is just right in front of me. 4th lane had been block due to the collision.

I was about 400m away and saw white cloth on the road, which I am hoping it is not! Just as my car was crawling near to the site, my heart sank. I felt so sorry and my mind went blank within a flash of secs. I saw the expressway patrol police office carrying a circular blue case, which I believe is the blue tent to cover the body.

As I crawled slowly, my head turn to the left and saw the end of the white cloth contain blood stain. Body had been placed on the road shoulder and I can see bloodstain dripping from the lorry dashboard. The front of the lorry was totally smashed up due to the strong impact against the back part of the sand carrier heavy vehicle. One of the police officer was in the driver seat taking information from that heavy vehicle.

2 expressway patrol car and 1 LTA motor marshal were at the scene.

The back of the lorry contain cover which is meant for delivery.

My condolence to the lorry driver.

That's why I said, better to be late than never. Be safe on road, driver & riders. Life is precious, treasure it!

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