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Wednesday, September 16

Apology to Lawrence

I thought I might be able to work along with Lawrence next Saturday as 2nd photographer for a wedding assignment.

Just when I told my wifey about the news, she just reminded me that no one are able to take care of Princess Cait! Wifey had to return to office to cover duty, mom at work and dad will not be home until late morning, but have to go back to work around 3pm.

Initially we wanted to send Cait to relative house, but on 2nd thought, I decided not to. Too many facts to answer.

Scenario if I insisted to go work:

  1. If my dad were to ask someone to take over his job that day, he have to pay the driver to do it.
  2. Mom approached her boss to ask other coll to take over the job, but knowing the other coll too well, she might ask for extra money.
After considering these 2 factors, I calculated that the overall cost will more than what I earn. So I have to tell Lawrence that I cannot work with him. Thanks goodness he understand the situation because he is a daddy as well. But I feel bad that he is unable to find another 2nd photographer yet.

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