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Tuesday, September 1

10 years ago of today...

I will not forget today as 1st Sept.

No.. I am not referring to Teacher's Day. It is because I got enlisted on 1st Sept 1999. Having looking back... damn.. I went through army 10 years ago? OMG.

I still remembered the day is the 'wonderful day' every mother's son will be stepping in the camp and be a real man. I wonder how man do they mean? Some of the ORD'ed and still having kiddish mentality! LOL

Sat in dad's car with my mom and sister, we reached the gate of Selarang. Once in, we had been direct to the parade square to park the car. Then, it was when I took my bag and head towards 6 SIR building. Goodness.. I forgotten the whole scenario.

I remembered vividly that I had to register myself first then head to the smaller capark where the tentage was located, and that's where the parents will be waiting for their son.

We had been told to sit down along with our bunk mate. Just then, my mom came over and asked me to drink the Chinese herbal drink and I kept on rejected. My bunk told me I am damn guai lan when I reject. LOL Anyway, I drank everything up.

Next, everyone stood up and vowed Singapore Armed Forces.

About 10min later, all parents had to leave the camp and there, I bid my farewell to my parents. No.. no one shed a tear because I was in NCC before. ha!

There I go... went through the PTP and BMT phase for 5months before I got posted out to 3rd Transportation Battalion, Delta Company aka Air Terminal Company. Seriously speaking... I really do not know how I went through the hardship. I was thinking, how come I am not in 1 SIR instead when I first gotten the back-then notification letter from SAF. Nowsday, everything is all electronic. Gone the days with 1202!

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