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Saturday, August 1

Wa! So cool!

I was reading Lut blog until I saw this! Hilarious!

Isn't that cool to have your iPod on such antique radio beast? I still remember the old MTV always film those guy carrying this big radio by their shoulder and shake their head. LOL

Courtesy from Lut blog

Surely the ultimate in retro chic, the Lasonic iPOD Boombox is set for imminent release at Honeyee (in black or white). The box controls your ipod in the same way as previous docks, with the addition of a built-in FM radio which comes with 20 FM and AM preset stations. You’re also provided with an adapter to fit the Nano, Mini and previous generation iPods, and a USB port and SD/MMC slot for MP3 playback. You’re also provided with AV output for some iPod video action.

Packed into this urban ghetto blaster are 12W speakers with EQ adjustment and the option to plug in, or power up with batteries (so you can rock it on your shoulder, Old Skool.)

Wording from hyperbeast

Something that I discover...

Looking at both My.Yahoo and Google IG, it just made me feel so happy! I can have new items add to the page, like timing, weather, converter, news etc.. Not to forget, I can add RSS live to my Google IG too. Both of them allow me to read my yahoo mail and google mail at the same time respectively. Just enjoyment for me.

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