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Friday, August 28

So where can I pray to "Tian Gong"?

I just received a wonderful notice by Hong Kah Town Council recently and the title stated regarding about dangerous object drop from high floor to Zero Tolerance.

While I flipped pages by pages and browse the images, (maybe I should scan the entire article for everyone to read), I do agree that some of them are potentially dangerous. Again, I did notice that some of them are Chinese praying altar. While I can agree with their explanation but shouldn't they open their eyes about us, been the Chinese devotee, praying to 'Tian Gong'? If all these are not allow, so where do you expect us to pray? Please do not just take photo about Chinese altar only when I saw there are other religion altar as well.

I am just been fair!

When you mentioned about the potential danger due to high floor littering, why not look at the corridor walkway as well? There are SOME fire hazard too! Let's look at "In the event when there's fire"

So, may I ask if there's other alternative way for us to pray instead of pointing out the hazard? Yes, I understand you have the damn RIGHTS to FINE us, but excuse me... WE want the solution!

'Tian Gong' hold the highest ranking among the other deities, thus we have to pray it first!

I'll load the whole information that mention about the high floor littering tonight...

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