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Saturday, August 8

My last resort

To be honest, I do not really feel like blogging now because I am so devastated. I kept on blaming myself for such mistake occurred. Even my coll, Keith, also shocked that I turned to be so paranoid.

Anyway, I just want to log this incident... to those who are interested on my issue.

I would like to thanks all my friend, coll, wifey's forum friends and their hubby concern. Both of us are very thankful for the support. Much as I want to get the data back, I think it is better for me to approach the comppany to do it for me.

William, on the other hand, helped me a lot as he drop by my house yesterday night to do until 1am!

GetDataBack (GDB) software did not work for me as my computer rebooted suddenly when it is trying to copy data to another HDD. So, he suggested that I should get the software from ADRC site which cost USD7.99.

All thanks to his help on my computer, I managed to start up my Window XP finally. Initially, there's no Window in the computer at all. After fixing, it is running well for my Window. I cannot imagine that I dare not to do anything to the computer. You can see HOW paranoid I am already.

We used ADRC software to search for data on the HDD.  We waited until 1.30am but we can only see the latest program which had been installed to the HDD. Apparently, the program we found is Window. I remembered that I am using DOS mode to format and it will install the Window as well.

We have to wait at least for another hour before it finish scanning. So, both of us decided to heard out for supper then Mustafa.

It was already 4am when I got home and to my surprise after I switched on my LCD, I realise that the computer rebooted! So I have no choice but to redo today.

I just did 2 scan, but did not see any of the image files at all apart from Window folder/ files! Stated on the screen under latest modified date, it is 3rd Aug nd 7th Aug. So, where's the rest of the item before 3rd Aug?

Frustrated, lost and devastated of me, I decided to give GDB program a try once more.

This time, I saw my images filename during scanning session! Weird?

According to William after I told him that I saw 4 file system after scanning, he told me that I have to scan and retrieve it 4 times! This is because he have no idea where the files are located at also.

I had emailed to ADRC for help and hope to get the reply on Tuesday. Let's hope that the charges is not too high for me. Stated on their site, home user, student and non profit organisation will be cheaper because they understand.

I had learn my lesson and paid a high price on it. Photos and videos are important to me, I am willingly to pay for it to get back my data. Look like I gotta eat grass from now on.

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Memory's Keeper said...

Haiz, indeed it's very sad cos all the photos taken previously are very very precious. like i told bonbon, mr vu will jump down the 12th storey if this happens to us (not suggesting u to do it of cos, pls don't ok!!)..but nevermind lah, the photos will still be in our memory right?

So from now onwards, do backup everywhere, not just to one place..

Memory's Keeper said...

check out for online backup. pay USD50 every year. mr vu recommend is using that..

Boon said...

Thanks Memory Keeper.

Am going to get more HDD and backup. Super duper ultra paranoid liaoz

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