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Thursday, August 6

It is not getting any better

Retrieved done.

The next step is to copy the information from 1 hdd to another. I am overwhelmed when I saw my photos folder name e.g. Sister AD wedding, Pulau Ubin Trip etc... been copied.

When I got back home after fetching my wife, my computer rebooted.

After that, I went to G:/ (the one been copied to) and make a full search. Luckily I did not format my old HDD because I found a lot of problem!

I saw 5% of my photos only! I am feeling so frustrated, depressed and letdown!

It took me a while to open every single folders and found something unusual! I saw the exact same folders and files for 3 times! It was hidden in one of the folders.

So, I end up unable to find the photos I want!

More depress....

When i checked my G:/, a total of 913GB files been retrieved but there are 3 same folders/files found.

So I decided to try the scanning again. To play safe, I copied the photos and information I found to another hdd in my computer.

I deleted the entire folders I retrieved in G:/ and I am shocked to see my photo album title: HongKong and Bintan trip!!! I am certain that I made the search but I cannot find those!

I was wondering that if it is because I chose not to overwrite the stuff thus it created the same thing for 3 times.

Tonight I am going to retrieve and copy the stuff without the deleted files to make life easier for me.

Everyone, please pray for me... It is the worst disasterous moment for me! I will not feel easy till I find back! The last choice is to approach ADRC.

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