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Monday, August 31

Interesting link up

So you want more people to read your blog?

Maybe there's one more way: Networked Blog
Have that linked to your blog on Facebook. I bet.. lots of people will drop by saying hello to you.

I was wondering if this can happen. Since everyone love to blog, posted/linked their photos/ videos to it, but.. what happen if one day... all these gone?

For instance, what if one day, the beloved Flickr and Blogger decided to close the services? What will happen? I am just saying... what if..

Technology is something almost everyone loves and feel like getting it on hand. As time goes by, you see technology keep on improving. More numbers added to achieve higher model... just like go even bigger, slimmest etc... These are something what bring the 'death' of consumer. DO you have the money to keep on changing?

Just look at the every quarter release of cameras, megapixel, LCD to LED TV, PS3 to PS3 slim, smallest phone, mp3 player etc... can be cool but yet hurting to wallet... I really wonder.. is there a day that one have no idea what to invent...

Just a thought of my day...

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