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Thursday, August 27

I feel damn good after the massage yesterday!

My lovingly wife treated me massage yesterday nearby her workplace at Parkway. Sorry, it is not Han Yang that I went to. It is another reflexology opposite Parkway Parade, quite near to Mac and beside the salon.

The staff are pretty nice and they did not hard sell on their package tho. That's something I like about it. I was thinking hard which massage to do... full body? leg? or just head and shoulder? After few minute of thoughts, I decided on 30min head and shoulder massage.

The masseur, Ah Bao, came in shortly and requested to use the bed instead of the usual massaging chair. Something that I do not like about is the bed been exposed to the others. Curtain are not draw at all.

Ah Bao told me that I am big in size and suggest me to slim down if I can. Try to cut down lots of food because my body are full of fats and not muscle. lol. He also asked me where is my most aching area. Many times I told the other masseur in other places, they do accordingly but not really focus on my upper body.

Shop name is Hen Kiang

The whole 30min massaging is fantastic and I should have chosen 40min! He also told me that he can only concentrate more on my back than the hand due to the duration. And of course, my back is extremely hard! He took a lot of effort to loosen up and hit all my damn aching point which I felt so wonderful! I almost forgotten my surname!

I am having serious backache since last 2 days. The most aching point will be my shoulder blade muscle; near to the spine on both side. I felt pain and comfortable when he used a lot of strength! He told me that, he had to use a lot of strenght if not I do not feel anything! This is the first time I told the masseur that I am feeling damn pain!

He used all sort of way to twist my arm as to loosen the shoulder blade muscle so that he can massage on it. 1 work SHIOK!

My wife was so pleased that I am feeling so comfortable after the massage and it is so well spent! She told me that my back is having bruise, which is the part that I am feeling so aching. When she pressed on it, oh dear... wonderful... till now... my back is still feeling the ache. I even had to use round headed screwdriver to press on the point against the chair by shifting my body left and right.

I am looking forward for next session next time.
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