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Wednesday, August 12

Evaluation up!

Evaluation Summary:

Data loss due to windows reload. Partial recovery expected due to partial overwritting.

Price Summary
1. Cost of recovery is S$800.00 (inclusive of all parts and lab services). ADRC will offer 5% Discount under Home User Assist Scheme. Final cost of recovery is S$760.00.
2. All prices must add 7% GST extra.
3. Estimated time taken will be 2 to 3 working days upon confirmation.
4. Confirmation of quotation could be done via email or fax.
5. At this point, job could be cancelled at S$50 evaluation fee plus delivery charge (if any). Please inform us at least 4 hours for arrangement of disk to be returned. We will not accept cancellation of job upon confirmation of quotation or successful data recovery and in that case a full fee will be charged anyway.
6. If recovered data is less than 10 GB, it will be delivered in DVD free of charge. Otherwise please supply us a data drive to do the data transfer.
7. The fee does not include extra service to reconfigure/copy/transfer recovered data into new/working system.
8. No charge if data is not recoverable.
9. Quotation valid for 14 days.
10. We will keep the damage disk/media for a maximum period of up to 2 months. If the user does not claim it from us by then, we will proceed to scrape the disk/media for reasons of data confidentiality.
11. The price is based on job complexity and does not depend on the amount of data recovered.
12. Additional 5% surcharge will be imposed if payment is done online using Visa/MasterCard and PayPal.

And... I agreed to the quote offered to me.

Finger cross tho...

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