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Tuesday, August 11

ADRC trip later

I will be dropping by ADRC (Adroit Data Recovery Center) later as I will be taking 1/2 day off. According to Felix from ADRC, whom emailed me on Sunday, stating that partial recovery is expected. Cost range from $500 to $700.

Remember I mentioned about the issue that I cannot retrieve anything except the Window using their program?

By right, which Felix said, it should be able to. But they have to do a full recovery first.

I am hoping that most of the data can be recover. Because, new data written on HDD sector after formatting might have overwrite the old data. What I know of is that writing data on HDD sector is by randomly.

Since the incident happened, I decided to upload full size photos to my flickr account instead. It will take longer time because of the photo size.

Counted myself lucky that I never format the SD card from my camera since 4th July.

Shall not say so much, I'll let the result tell me when it is out.

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