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Friday, August 14

ADRC for the third time and my darling 'baby' is back!

I'll be heading down to ADRC for the third time this week!

I had to apply leave yesterday because I got to verify the files there. The girl, Xiu Han, start up the computer for me to view the files and I was feeling very anxious. As there are really a lot of folders, I cannot spend my time looking through every single folders and files.

Looking through patiently.

I took quite some time to view the files because the thumbnails do not work at all. I have to use  Microsoft Picture Viewer if I double click on it. To make it faster to view, I click once onto the image and wait for it to appear on the left side. I am damn bloody happy to see it!

But I am feeling sad when the first few folders are the one I had retrieved before! Still carrying on holding my breathe and I move down each and every folders.


I saw lots of photo that I missed so much! I dare not to say that 100% had been retrieved but I am really happy to see most of them alive once again! Big smile shown on my face when I carry on looking at folders randomly.

I have to rearrange the entire folders and files when I get my HDD back. In the past, I had separated them up into yearly, monthly and different event. Look like it is better for me to put them by yearly first before I carry on slotting them into different event. It is not easy to arrange them but... at least it is a new start!

Am going to burn the files into DVD DL with double copies. See how paranoid I am already. If it is Blu-Ray DL, I only need 4 disc! Each capacity is 50Gb and I can back up all photo swiftly! Isn't that great? But the cost of BR burner and disc are ridiculously high! It will cost $398 for LG BR Burner alone. Let's not talk about BR Disc DL. But I do trust branded name to ease my phobia.

This is what I saw at ADRC counter. So I took a pic about their test.

This is an accident shot. But anyway, these are the files I saw on the screen. Man.. I am so glad to see them back alive!

I'll show you the total cost when I get hold of the invoice. Baby is back and I am so happy! After this incident, I dare not be a hero again. Must BE SURE ALWAYS! Anyway, thats what I am been trained for during my NS time. I must not be too lazy also. Indeed, this really change my mind set too.

What a lesson to pay....
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