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Tuesday, July 7

What?! Thanks hor! We really appreciate!

I am angry over mom's coll WHO do not want to turn up to work today. My mom had to rush down to work and no one can take care of Cait!

This is the only choice for today!

I do not understand why someone can be so bad not to turn up to work when she KNEW that my mom have to take care of Cait!

No one seem to like her coll in the clinic after all. But by doing this, she is just been too irritating! Everyone have to accommodate her timing? Doesn't she know that taking care of baby is freaking tiring and need a lot of attention?!

Now dad is a little unhappy when mom rush out to work. Have to talk to him because no one is at fault but my mom coll.

Thanks for giving us hard time today.

The thing now is how will it be for next week onwards?

I have seen such an irritating person before. If I bring Cait there, I make sure she do not touch our Princess.

Everyone had this Kodak moment and with this sentence:


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