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Sunday, July 26

Tomica Cars Fever'ed

Do not ask me why I start collecting Tomica cars because I do not know how to explain....

Maybe.... my answer... they are nice to collect and inexpensive? OK, the more you collect, more amount of money spent!

I am glad to find this local Tomica forum and did learn a lot from the gurus. Currently, I have 41Tomica cars, 3 of it belong to Disney series and 2 belong to Tomica Limited. I will take a photo of them next time.

To know more about the different box of Tomica, you can read here.

Please do not say I am crazy as well! There are people who collect it too seriously!

A guy from Philippines share some link to us in the forum chat box.. Check it out!

That's what I call... poisonous.

Another car which I feel that it is good to collect will be the one I am driving now.. Nissan Latio! In Japan, they call it Tiida.

Beautiful? Well, there's only hatchback, no sedan.

I'm going to find out if there's Suzuki SX4 Hatchback as well.
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