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Wednesday, July 8

So how?

I pen down some information about Cait issue on the other blog.

Mom felt that her coll will be damn snobbish if she pleaded. But if she don't... (sigh)
Everything will remain unknown until tomorrow because today is the rest day for their clinic.

Knowing mom prefer to work because she wanted some income but dad is a little against with the idea tho. But if mom do not work, it means that I got to top up more money for her monthly and I end up stressing myself more.

Look like I have to make sure that certain things that not needed have to terminate off with immediate effect. I'm going to call up Starhub to terminate my Celestial Classic Movie and upsize of channels. Save up better. If Cait is really going to infant care, I have to put a lot more money on it.

My Starhub cable tv bill hit $90+ this month. How incredible.

If you were to ask me to put her in relative house... I'm sorry... I do not think it is a wise choice tho.

Right now, no answer to everything. According to mom, her coll wanted to see doc yesterday, but end up, call again to say she do not want to work on Tuesday. I see some roti prata action.

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YieTze said...

haha ..roti prata action ~ u win u win ~

Boon said...

flip here and there... nothing is true. lol

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