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Thursday, July 16

Sick and photoshoot

Not feeling any better after taking medicine last night.

As I am feeling slight cough, feverish and tired, I dare not to go close to Cait.

I was granted officially half day leave today by SAF because I have to go to Kranji Camp for inoculation. I was the only person there for the injection, but my friend, Dickson, told me there are a lot of people yesterday! Phew...I got it done within 10min in camp.

Since I am on half day, I shall go home and rest before returning back to work. (Which is... now)

I had 2 x injections, 1 for each arm.

As not to spread the germ, I decided to put on mask given by SAF medical center. LOL

I want to sleep!!!

The shoot went pretty fine yesterday. Pretty much straight forward, not much of direction to put in because the talent already look good!

Thanks to Scott for giving me opportunity.

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